An accidental online purchase of a $50,000 watch!

Ray took the standard path of buying a watch. A few months earlier he had asked me for my opinion on the UP Portuguese Chronograph when he was recommending a watch for a friend, and he had planted the seed in his own mind.

After the rabbit introduced the Top Gun Naval Air Force Chronograph “SFTI” special edition at the end of October, he went to the Tmall flagship shop and then started the expected story – a crazy cloud of shoppers, and when he saw the Green Portuguese Chronograph again, he was completely smitten.

Just in time for the Double 11, a no-brainer, the single was placed.

“Regularly browsing the online shop you find that the stock is quite full, special models appear from time to time,Top Quality Replica Watches UK and it’s too easy to plant, it’s really not wallet friendly.” Ray says.

For example, after the popular Green Portuguese and Top Gun “SFTI” special editions, two new watches have recently appeared on the official Wanguo Tmall flagship shop, the first being the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph “Captain Blue” special edition, which is also a Tmall exclusive.

For IWC, flying is written in the brand’s DNA, with the first pilot’s watch being created in 1936. Today, the “Captain Blue” is bringing new life to pilot’s watches.
This chronograph follows the classic design of the IWC Pilot’s Watches collection, with a dial featuring elements of the cabin dashboard and a distinctive triangular logo.

Two sub-dials at “12 o’clock” and “6 o’clock” display the minutes and hours, while the seconds indicator is at “9 o’clock”.

The colour scheme of the “Captain Blue” is also true to its name, with blue and white (blue sky and white clouds) as the two main colours – a blue dial with white numerals, indexes and hour and minute hands. The highlight is the bright orange colour of the central chronograph seconds hand and the small seconds hand.

It is equipped with the self-winding chronograph movement calibre 79320 with a 44-hour power reserve and a soft-iron inner case to help protect the movement against magnetic fields for more accurate timekeeping

With a diameter of 43 mm and a Chinese price of RMB 50,000, this special edition is one of those models that can be ordered in seconds on an “eye-catching” basis, provided one has some knowledge of the Pilot’s Watches collection.

The second piece, which we call the “Orange Storm” Special Edition, is also a Pilot’s Watch Chronograph, 43mm in diameter, but in a more daring colour scheme, orange all over.

Because the dial is black, the orange hands and indexes divide the entire dial and use a lot of colour, but the overall look doesn’t have an eye-catching impact, but rather a feeling of “the night before the storm”.

Watch IWC Ambassador Zhang Ruoyun interpret the “Orange Storm”, which is also equipped with the 79320 automatic movement with a 44-hour power reserve.

In the words of a reader, visiting the online shop is very exploratory: “You’ll find watches you don’t usually notice, expand your horizons, and those you’re not sure about you can try on in a physical shop, the two channels match perfectly.”

The opening of an official flagship shop on Tmall and the launch of special online models are indeed not just about selling things, but also about IWC’s long-term layout in China.

We know that IWC, founded in 1868, has a history of 152 years, but it officially entered the Chinese market in 2007, which is not too early. But it was already “famous” in China, it was the “parents’ gift to their children” in the American drama, and many people came to buy this “Swiss brand from Schaffhausen” to fulfil all their desires for it. It is the “parent’s gift to their children” in the American TV series, and many people buy the “Swiss brand from Schaffhausen” to fulfil all their desires – whether it is a dream to fly, an elite image, or just a manly look.

Although late to China, the digital development under the Internet has taken place quite quickly.

Apart from business, UPI cares more about interacting with consumers and expanding its communication power. That’s why in April this year, for the first time, the brand came to the “Watches and Wonders” exhibition in Geneva as a 3D digital virtual showroom.

On 11 May, the “AR Cloud Watch”, which follows the new Portuguese collection, appeared. With a single movement, we can view the details of the watch online and combine the straps.

In September this year, the “Cloud Tour” was launched, allowing watch enthusiasts from all over the world to explore the IWC headquarters from the comfort of their homes. And even more interesting is the “Cyberloupe” – a smart goggle that combines a watchmaker’s goggle with a high-definition camera, allowing us to see the world of movements from the watchmaker’s point of view.

The world of watchmaking is no longer a mysterious, in-person domain for only a few people, but is now open to the general public. Although the majority of consumers initially want to “buy a watch and wear it”, as soon as there is a demand for further exploration, the impact will grow.

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