A buy-it-or-break-it watch for 2020!

It’s a legacy of the 1970s and a perpetual talking point in the watch industry. I used to despise this 1970s look, and too many too many 1970s abalone cases used to remain on the market, but over the years, sentimentality has triumphed over mundanity and made me take several bids to find a chronograph in this style, and this Hamilton has once again tickled my dreams.
The Longines “Classic Replica Collection” has never been a big seller in China, but at the same time has always been favoured by players. The reason is that most of the customers who buy Longines watches in the market are buying their first watches,luxury replica watches and the popular choice is always those with more popular designs, finding the Vintage series “old and unremarkable”; while players who have bought many watches from Longines will find other Longines too generic, and only the vintage series has a bit of vintage traces There is a hint of beauty that belongs to Longines that has been missing for a long time.
This Longines Tuxedo, at first glance, fascinated me, with its black and white and blue track lettering all too 1940s, a classic design that Longines, Omega and Patek Philippe have historically had. I can say it’s one of my personal top picks for this year, and to win shows that the judges’ tastes are pretty consistent. But will it sell well? I don’t know. The good thing is that the vintage aesthetic is gaining ground in the public’s mind these days, so I just hope that this one will be loved not only by players and collectors, but also by more young people.
This Speedmaster Snoopy Silver Award 50th Anniversary is arguably the most predictable new watch of the year, but the overall design is a great surprise and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a beautiful Omega. Although not a limited edition, the watch is still hard to find on the market, with most watch shops reportedly already having waiting lists of over 50. Apart from the Snoopy on the back of the watch which orbits the moon as the time is counted, my other favourite element is the sterling silver dial, which I expect will slowly turn yellow over time ……
The selection in this category was the most competitive. This 500-piece limited edition Portuguese watch from Wan Guo, even when compared to other Wan Guo Portuguese watches in the same category, is superior not only because of its movement (the only one with a single key chronograph) but also because this watch symbolises Richemont’s interest in the world of sports for good. With an elegant chronograph, the brand is interpreting the world’s leading luxury group’s understanding of the most influential prize in the world of sport.
Whenever I talk about Lange, I always feel inferior to say that I prefer the 1815 Chrono when everyone is raving about the Dato. personally, I feel that it’s either the 1815 Chrono or the 1815 Rattrapante, so why put a box over the head of a pure chrono to fill in two numbers? Honey gold plus split-seconds! It’s just a shame that the pockets aren’t deep enough to paper over.

Because of my work, I travel a lot and GMT is important to me. Although, Master Fan says you can solve the problem if you do the maths mentally, I’m one of those dumb ones who know the home time with a glance at my wrist, and the departure place and the second time zone have day and night displays to make it easy to contact each other at the right time. The good thing about world time is that you don’t have to figure out how to adjust it yourself, it’s all mechanically programmed, but most world time is known as winter time, because earlier world time watches didn’t take daylight saving time into account and naturally couldn’t display it correctly during daylight saving time, so this new daylight saving time has been added as a new time reference, indicated by an 18-carat gold-plated arrow: if a red part appears, it indicates the corresponding city With daylight saving time, this is true world time.
In November last year, Christie’s sold an old movement Zunar resonance for an astronomical price, and suddenly all the owners of Zunar watches were overjoyed. In fact, Zunar’s watch, originally elegant, personality, originality, low production, red gold movement …… although no arrogance, but the natural growth of a pair of speculative phase, never lonely in the auction room. Although this watch is not a perfect perpetual calendar, according to my eight eternal words, because there is no moon phase and second hand, but an extra chain reserve that could have held the moon phase. But the aim of this selection is “best buy”, and it would be unkind not to recommend a watch that is a bargain. Where you can buy it is not the concern of the jury.
Since its introduction in 1929, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 101 hand-wound movement has been the smallest mechanical movement in the world. She has created endless possibilities for ladies’ jewellery watches, not only by Jaeger-LeCoultre, but also by other mainstream brands. This time Jaeger-LeCoultre is launching two new creations: the SnowDrop and the Bangle watches. 12 pear-shaped diamonds enclose a flower, the central core of which is a tiny, almost invisible dial, which is both mysterious and delicate! The “bracelet” is a relatively atmospheric design, in the Art Deco style. Set with 996 diamonds weighing a total of 19.7 carats, it is ideal for taller women. Priced at $3.14 million and $2.69 million respectively, I believe there should be a good selection of similar pieces on the market.
Vacheron Constantin’s Penthouse Bespoke Collection is the highest level of bespoke in all of Switzerland. This claim will certainly be disputed by some, but it is true. With almost three hundred years of watchmaking expertise, Vacheron Constantin is definitely the most qualified and best “old classic”, a true example of the value that history implies. This enamel set, with its great colour transition, is arguably the best enamel work of recent years! If you’re interested, can you talk about putting your own favourites on the plate too?
I don’t mind thick watches, and I like thin watches, but I don’t accept ultra-thin ones. There was a time when so many brands competed to break the Guinness of ultra-thin movements, just as women under the standard weight continue to compete to be thin and bony, a perverse trend in the 21st century watch world. Anyone with a little watchmaking knowledge knows that an ultra-thin baseplate is a poison to the movement’s stability, and I have personally seen ultra-thin watches repaired when the master screwed in the left side and the whole right side buckled. It is surprising that someone today would turn a thin, wafer-thin dial directly into a baseplate, and such a morbid watch is also a huge limitation on how much the wearer can throw his or her hands around on a daily basis. That said, the reason I voted for this watch is that I don’t think it’s quite an ultra-thin watch, just the ultimate in thin watch refinement, and with the integrated bracelet, there’s a comfort in the hand that you can’t feel with the naked eye. I hope watch lovers will take this watch as a lesson and not get their hands on thinner ultra-thin watches.

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